ܓܵܣܣܸܟܐ ܟܙܪܸܟ  جسِّكا خزريك Jessika Khazrik
ճէսսիքա Խազրիք

⎑ Performance ⚱︎ Music
⍙ Technology ✺ Environmental Research 
⌭ Exhibitions ♐︎ Writings
⎃ Scores ⍝ Hybrid/AI-aided Mixes 
✻ Teaching ☙ Public Speaking
⍬ Interviews ⌾ Press

⚰︎Astrophysical, hyperbodily and alchemical, Jessika Khazrik’s multi-faceted practice is deeply devoted to communal solace, collective transcendence and trans-generational healing. With genre-defying mercurial treatments of voice, drums and space, her sonic scapes intimately investigate the ecological and techno-political premises of continua we inhabit, co-create or forget. Concocting scores from trans-millennial compendia of healing, space and biosensing technologies and on-site/online detritus, her live and hybrid sets are deeply informed by ancestral chanting traditions – like Armenian sharakan, Levantine mawwal and Iraqi radh – skewed with a quaint techno and incomputable entrancing rhythms.

⚰︎In all of her writing, teaching, artistic and techno-political practice, Khazrik works with a trans-millennial production of knowledge based on an environmental understanding of the techno-politics of voice, media, and code. While probing the unity of science and the multi-dimensionality of experience in an age that institutes separation, her indisciplinary practice revolves around the collective search and need for polymathic resonance and an active world politics of demilitarization.

⚰︎She holds BAs in Linguistics and in Theatre from the Lebanese University(LB) and a MS in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT(US) where she was awarded the Ada Lovelace prize and has been a fellow at Digital Earth, Helmholtz, IICD, among others. Khazrik performs, exhibits, teaches and publishes internationally. She has initiated, “Reading Computers قراءة الحواسيب”, Post-coronialism, “AATMA ✦ عتمة”  and ” خريطة الظلامCartography of Darkness”. Having grown up around a quarry contaminated with toxic waste, she has been active in struggles for environmental justice since early adolescence.


⏦ Feb. 24 Premiere of new live set @ Trauma bar und Kino, Berlin
⏦ Feb. 19 Speech at 4th year commemoration of Hanau, Berlin
⏦ Feb. 15 Collective record release MUTUALISMX on Other People
⏦ Feb. 09 Collective record release Dedicated for Palestine
⏦ Feb. 10 Live set @ Stray Signals, Berlin
⏦ Feb. 8 Conversation with Mattin (co-withdrawn in solidarity)
⏦ ???. ??? AMTAA (curatorial, 12hour trans-generational assembly with 4 interconnected spaces – secret time & location), Berlin ???
⏦ Jan. 24-26 Mentoring MA Live Art Forms, ADBKN, DE
⏦ Jan. 17 Hybrid set @ Spaces of Urgency, Amsterdam, NL
⏦ Jan. 17 Conversation with Louna Sbou & Diaspora Radio, Amsterdam, NL
⏦ Jan. 11 Release of my single Gebera, as apart of MUTUALISMX by Hexorcismos on Other People, DE
⏦ Dec. 17 Hybrid Set @ Sol Invictus @ Macro Museum, IT
⏦ Dec. 14 Panel moderator: “Multi-scalar Resistance” @ Oyoun, DE
⏦ Dec. 7 Essay published in book “I Hear a Future: Producing Time and Meaning Through Music in Egypt and Beyond”, ed. by Maha El Nabawi, published by Madamasr
⏦ Nov. 24 Panel moderator: What the hell happened to cultural resistance in Berlin @ Panke, DE
⏦ Nov. 18 Premiere of sound performance The World I Want to See @ Sound Quest Festival, IT
⏦ Oct. 25 Guest lecture @ GSAPP, Columbia University, US
⏦ Oct. 23 Launch of AATMA (online)
⏦ Oct. 7-8 Conference on AI & Music @ University of Bayreuth, DE
⏦ Sept. 30-Oct. 1 Premiere of No Doubt Nisaba @ Steirischer Herbst, AT 
⏦ Aug. – May 2024 Ongoing chapter FOR A TRANS-ELECTRIC SOLIDARITY , CoD (EiC)




⌇jessika -at- posteo . net

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